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Arlandra Britt

has created  a major brand for herself and built relationships that opened doors for herself and many others. With over 47 thousand followers on Instagram, she uses her influence to inspire young girls, market businesses, build brands, and more ! Arlandra the created The Culture Experience: Fashion show to give other aspiring models a chance to showcase there talent in Virginia. She has made an appearance on Migos "Motorsport", been published in over 15 magazines, modeled for major hair campaigns such  ORS, walked in New York Fashion week, Virginia Fashion week, Lawrence brothers hair show, and many more fashion shows ! With over 14 years of experience in this industry, She's worked with some of the most influential people in today's culture from Chris Brown, Migos, Draya Michelle, Nick Cannon, Anthony Cuts, Justin combs, Christian Combs, and more ! Now it is time to give back and allow others the opportunity to learn how to build important relationships, become a successful model, and business women/man! !

" I do aspire to change the world. Modeling is a unique art where I can be creative, share positive experiences and inspire by being myself. From modeling to a business mogul. There are so many things to learn and accomplish, so of course modeling is just the beginning for me" -Arlandra

About me 

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